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For Professional Organizer Barbara Reich of Resourceful Consultants, eliminating clutter is a way of life. Barbara tackles organization with a 360-degree approach, streamlining the homes, schedules and daily lives of her discerning clients. Equal parts affable and type A personality, Barbara's tough-love approach yields real results and lasting change.

With a BA in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA in Management from New York University, Barbara began her career as a management consultant, a profession in which she excelled as a result of her efficiency and attention to detail. Today she applies the same skills to help her clients rid their homes of excess clutter, streamline overbooked days and improve quality of living.

Known for creating solutions that are as aesthetically appealing as they are practical, Barbara transforms each space from the inside out. From powerful executives to busy mothers, clients appreciate Barbara's unwavering confidentiality and eye for design.

A native of North Miami Beach, Barbara formed Resourceful Consultants, LLC in 1999. She and her husband, real estate attorney Jeff Reich, live in Manhattan with their teenage twins. Barbara has appeared on the Today Show and has been featured in the New York Times and New York Post among other publications. Her book, Secrets of an Organized Mom, is the 2014 winner of the Mom's Choice Award.

Meet the Resourceful Consultants Team

Jenna Baltera
Growing up in Texas, Jenna learned from a young age that bigger is not always better and with more space comes more stuff. After moving to New York a decade ago, she quickly mastered how to stay organized in a tight space and embraced the mental clarity that comes with a clutter-free home. She took her talents into the homes and offices of friends and colleagues who encouraged to start a professional organizing business of her own. After three years of running her own organizing and home styling business, Jenna joined the team at Resourceful Consultants where she continues to hone her skills and change her clients' lives. In her downtime, Jenna is an animal activist who spends her spare time running, writing and painting.

From her early years on the North Shore of Long Island to her college days at NYU, Rachel has had a passion for organizing and helping others. As the youngest of four children, Rachel was always purging and streamlining her surroundings, much to the delight of her family. In addition to her talent for organizing, Rachel is a sought after Hebrew tutor and a gifted artist, recently spending time in Civita Castellana, Italy painting landscapes. Rachel has been part of the Resourceful Consultants team since 2011, inspiring clients to live a more satisfying life through organization.

Louise Chatham
British born professional organizer, Louise Chatham has always had a passion for order and neatness. During her 20 years as a professional athlete and equestrian, Louise never wavered from her commitment to excellence. Whether she was involved with finely tuned show jumping horses, training and coaching their riders, or organizing the extensive equipment required, Louise always maintained the highest standards. As Louise began to focus more on the organizing side of the business, she realized that she had a natural talent for streamlining both situations and physical spaces. Louise has been working with Resourceful Consultants since 2013 de-cluttering human environments instead of equine environments. She primarily services Princeton, New Jersey and its surrounding areas.

Leora Pollack Cohen
From the time she was a little girl, Leora has had a talent for organizing. After graduating from Brandeis University, Leora spent a year working for Citibank and then two years at JP Morgan Chase. In 2015, she joined the team at Resourceful Consultants in order to turn her passion for organizing into a professional career. Leora loves to entertain and cook for family and friends. She also enjoys traveling to new and exciting places.

Aviva Leshaw
Aviva LeShaw assumed her only unique talent was writing poetry until she began an internship with Resourceful Consultants in 2011. Aviva then realized it was possible to create visual poetry as well, by arranging space in an orderly way. In 2014, Aviva spent six months living on a kibbutz in northern Israel and also worked as a personal assistant in New York City. Aviva is a published author who uses her organizational skills to catalogue her work and track her magazine submissions in detailed spreadsheets. In addition to assisting with clients, Aviva's focus is on social media and communications. Aviva will continue to balance words and space as she becomes a satellite member of the Resourceful Consultant team while attending McGill University.

Randi Lloyd
Throughout Randi’s 20+ years working in beauty and fashion marketing, she was always the one with the neatest office. As a marketing executive, she relied on her ability to find innovative solutions, create order from chaos, and to understand the needs of her clients – skills she puts to good use as a professional organizer. Randi has a BA from Lafayette College and an MBA from Boston University. In 2015, she began working with Resourceful Consultants to fulfill her passion for organizing and making spaces more functional and beautiful. Randi has a passion for yoga and animals. She lives in New York with her husband and dog.