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Secrets of an Organized Mom

"Everyone should Barbarafy," raves The New York Times! A life-changing program for streamlining everything that's weighing you down—from over-stuffed closets to overwhelming social calendars—courtesy of the media's go-to organizing guru: Barbara Reich.

Mothers can feel like life is one neverending loop. Just when one problem or responsibility is handled, another one trips us up. But help is on the way: Barbara Reich has all the strategies necessary for staying ahead of the curve—and she's wrapped them up into four easy steps that can be applied to any organizing project.

The keys to Barbara's success are simplicity and consistency. Room by room, she takes readers through the most problematic areas in the home—from the tornado-struck play area to the over-stuffed basement or storage unit. Barbara shows readers how to approach organizing in manageable bites—many of which can be dealt with in two hours or less. With each organizing project, she teaches readers how to apply the four steps—1) purge, 2) design, 3) organize, and 4) maintain. And she also reveals how to solve organizing problems that may pop up in the future—from knowing when and how to keep financial papers to how to digitally organize the family's photographs.

As the mother of teenage twins, Barbara offers tips for crazed moms as only a mother could. Combining the humor of a sympathetic friend, and the no-nonsense advice of a true type-A personality, Reich offers clever, appealing solutions that are genuinely achievable for everyone.


“In a straightforward and concise narrative, organization expert Reich promises, "Whatever organizational nightmare makes you crazy on a daily basis, the antidote can be found here." It's a tall order to fill, but Reich delivers. Not just for mothers, "this book shows how every member of the family can breathe easier," says Reich. She starts off by advising readers to identify their homes' "hot spots" areas that drive them the craziest. Her four-step method to organization follows: purge, design, organize, and maintain. Ground rules, which make up the "Ten Commandments of Organizing" include beware of junk mail, get it off the floor, and use one type of storage container, hanger, etc. Reich gives readers recommendations on the best types of items to use, such as clear plastic containers with drawers and trays, and tells them what questions to ask themselves when trying to determine what items to donate, recycle, or toss. Chapters on how to organize specific rooms are extremely detailed and make the tasks feel doable: "A Walk on the Wild Side," for example, tackles children's bedrooms and play areas; "The Bare Necessities" covers the bathroom and linen closet. Reich's book just might take the anxiety out of tasks that many find completely daunting and overwhelming. Agent, Richard Abate. (Feb.)”

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- Reviewed by Publishers Weekly –
December 3, 2012


” I’ve read so many books about organizing over the years – I’ve lost count. I’m 51, a divorced mom of three “born messy” pack rats, one of whom has a severe, high-maintenance disability, and even though I’m basically the “born organized” type, all the going’s on of the last decade, along with having these super “relaxed” (okay, slob) kids, and moving us all into a tiny, two-bedroom apartment, have made it a constant challenge to get my orderly edge back — which has been extremely frustrating and has gotten me down a lot over the years.

All the other books I’ve read have had their useful bits, but for various reasons were not realistic or just didn’t work for me. But you think so much like I do, and your totally realistic approach to space limitations is fantastic. I read it like I was holding your hand and walking through the areas to fine tune each one and finally get everything up to the level that I’ve needed. This has greatly increased my happiness, comfort, and ability to cope with all the demands of my little family – I’ve been longing for this for such a long time. So I just wanted to let you know. :)

- Diane, a fan


“When you're a mom, days seem to fly by in a stream of never ending to-do's and dishes. And more dishes. But help is on the way in the form of organizing expert Barbara Reich. Her new book, Secrets of An Organized Mom, will help you get back on track and find more time in your day. She reveals her secret strategies for staying ahead of the curve, which she's wrapped up into four easy steps: purge, design, organize and maintain.
Simplicity being the key, Barbara goes room by room in readers' homes—from the tornado-struck play area to the packed basement or even dreaded attic. She shows readers how to approach organizing in bite-sized pieces—many of which can be done in two hours or less—to make for a more peaceful and, of course, organized family life. ”

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"There are few things that give me greater joy than practicality."
Now that is a sentence you want to read in a book on organizing your home. And Barbara Reich wrote 'em. Actually, she may have written THE book, or at least the big book of the moment on getting your house in order. The book from whence that sentence comes is Secrets of an Organized Mom: From the Overflowing Closets to the Chaotic Play Areas: A Room-by-Room Guide to Decluttering and Streamlining Your Home for a Happier Family.

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“Psst! Yeah, you. Can you keep a secret? OK, here it goes….my house is a mess! I mean, no matter how much I try to move the newspapers into the recycling bin, the toys into their bins, the laundry into the dressers, I just can’t keep up. And since I work from home, I feel guilty that our home isn’t as tidy as it could be. Barbara Reich must know just how I feel. Her just-released book, Secrets of an Organized Mom, speaks to me in a way that doesn’t make me feel so terrible about my chaotic household. Instead it leaves me with practical tips that don’t require a fancy smancy organizing system-just some common sense. Reich’s how-to book breaks down the otherwise arduous task of house-cleaning into a more manageable series of mini projects: room by room. …
In a Nutshell: Just in time for spring cleaning, Secrets of an Organized Mom is a breath of fresh air that helps de-clutter your house and your mind”

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- The Talking


“So I've had a chance to dive in and read Barbara Reich's new book "Secrets of an Organized Mom" and the first thing I want to say is "holy crap this is such a good book". Very articulate of me, I know. Seriously my friends, if you are struggling with organization this is a must read for you….
I am eager to put some of Barbara's ideas into practice and plan to post some before and after pictures. .. ”

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“Right from the first page, Barbara had my attention. And not just because being organized and staying on top of the stuff that families accumulate is every mother's dream. But because, she gets it. She's a mom herself, which of course gives her that inner understanding of what other moms are struggling with.

I read the book looking for a method of organization that would work for me and my family and that we would keep using even after the initial clean-out was done. This is key. There's not a lot of point to getting organized if you're not going to stay organized. And that seems to be the hardest thing in my family. (I'm probably not alone in this.)…
Now, any organized person will tell you that these steps and commandments are the basics of keeping on top of things. And I've seen the general idea laid out before, but there is something special, witty, humorous, and understanding in the way that Barbara tackles this topic. I think what shows through is her passion for organizing and her passion for happy families. This is what captured me…

Got a mess in your home? Want to dig out from under it? This is the book you need. Funny, easy to read, lots of great information and inspiration. Secrets of an Organized Mom is by far the best book I have read on organizing and staying organized.

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- Life Takes


“There’s something every mom needs – being able to read the Secrets of an Organized Mom. I wish I could say I was always organized! I feel like a do a pretty good job, but I can always use some help….

The author, Barbara Reich (who maintains a Facebook page dedicated to organization called Resourceful Consultants), has a ruthless de-cluttering philosophy. Throughout the book, she’ll give you helpful guidelines to ease the guilt of getting rid of things, teaching you the strength of the power of no and encouraging you to keep only what your family actually uses. This overarching philosophy is carried out, one room at a time, which breaks the decluttering problem into manageable chunks.”

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“I am a messy mom. I admit it… So when a book called “Secrets of an Organized Mom” plops on your desk you have to be a little curious. Okay, I was more than curious, I actually opened the book.

I did read through Barbara’s book. It makes a lot of sense. It takes an unorganized mom and walks her through the steps to becoming a highly efficient, organized mom by following a system on how a family functions. From the first steps walking into a home, to the next steps walking through each room in the house are processes that help you keep a neat and organized home. Baskets play a big part of it. Lots and lots of baskets, bins and labels….

Being organized means that my mind is less cluttered also. The visual order helps me think more clearly and feel better inside and out. It’s funny how that works. But it does.
So if your home is anywhere near as messy as mine WAS, check out her book, “Secrets of an Organized Mom” by Barbara Reich. Your kitchen counter will thank you.

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“Ya might think I've bitten off more than I can chew. Ya might be right! Organizing guru Barbara Reich wants to help me, and you, become organized with her new book, Secrets of an Organized Mom. She may have better luck with you (just sayin)….

I haven't read the enter book (did you see what all I have on my plate right now?) and am by no means cured of my Sanguine traits. I do have to say, though, that Reich offers the clever advice that should be achievable for almost everyone.

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“A few weeks ago, I was asked if I would like to review an advanced copy of “Secrets of an Organized Mom.” Without knowing anything except the title, my reaction was an immediate and enthusiastic “YES!” Yes, yes, hell yes! Because if there is one thing I’ve learned over the last few years, being organized is hard and being a mom is hard. If there was someone out there who had figured out how to manage Matchbox cars and purge Play-doh, well, I’m all ears. Coincidentally, the request also came during the big closet re-do project. I realized that more than ever, I needed professional advice before we ever hung a shelf or bought a container. And that’s what Barbara provided….

Easy to understand, humorous, and a quick read (all necessary to us moms – gotta keep our attention because STOP HARASSING THE CAT, SCOTT!, we juggle many things), Barbara managed to convince me that 1.) I was capable of an organized home and 2.) she was the lady to help me do it. She works from a four-step method of purge, design, organize, and maintain. Not exactly ground-breaking, as we have all watched enough episodes of “Hoarders” to know the drill, but when it’s spelled out in black and white, it suddenly seems more attainable. She also offers mantras that again, I kinda knew, but seeing it in print brought it home. Do your least appealing task first. Focus on what you can change. Go digital. Buy hangers all of the same color. Basic, smart, sound advice.

What’s really special about this book, however, is that she breaks down organization for every room in the house. Every. Single. Room. To me, a Type-A person who appreciates attention to detail, this was a dream. What exactly am I supposed to do with products in the bathroom that just clutter the counters? Why does my desk look like a burial mound for receipts, junk mail, and bills? Regardless of what your “hot spot” area is – living room, laundry room, home office, or giant closet under the stairs currently housing 3,000 construction vehicles and six tubes of dried finger paint – Barbara provides step-by-step direction that is both practical and effective. She even includes an entire chapter on how to organize your baby’s nursery or how to design the nursery to maximize efficiency and space. Definitely a must-read for all new moms or moms-to-be.

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