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Resourceful Consultants is proud to introduce Never Caught Up, a business dedicated to helping women manage stress in this age of 24/7 connectivity.

Statistics show that women, particularly those working outside the home, are more overwhelmed than ever. Men have shown little change in happiness over the past 20 years, yet woman’s happiness levels as measured on psychological surveys has plummeted. The reasons are clear: women feel they are “never caught up.”

  • Women in America spend triple the time taking care of their children that mothers spent in the 1960’s.
  • Workplace culture, government policies, and general attitudes toward women have not kept pace with their needs.
  • Mothers, even those working outside the home, do twice the housework and twice the child care as fathers.
  • Men do one and a half things at a time, whereas women do five things at once while thinking about and planning two or three more.

Never Caught Up works with companies to address the issues faced by women in the workplace. The reason is quite simple; retention of women is good for the bottom line.

Barbara Reich and her partner, Erica Keswin, colleagues and friends since the 1990’s, have applied their years in business, management consulting, and organization development to design an analytical approach to help women feel more productive, less stressed, and more fulfilled. Their model focuses on four key areas.

  • Physical Space: Organize and unclutter physical spaces.
  • Time: Eliminate non-essential commitments and minimize multi-tasking.
  • Relationships: Focus on relationships that enrich life experiences.
  • Yourself: Disconnect. Spend a few minutes a day in quiet reflection or meditation.
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