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The following services are offered by Resourceful Consultants:

Clutter Purging and Control:
Barbara will work with you to examine those habits and behaviors that lead to the accumulation of clutter. She will help you determine which items are truly important to you and which items can and should be discarded. Papers are put in files, loose items are grouped together and stored in containers, and containers are put on shelves. By identifying a place for everything in your home, you will learn to control and eliminate clutter.

Space Planning:
An important step in becoming more organized is ensuring that there is adequate storage for your possessions. Through the use of clever storage maximization principles, Barbara will find storage space that you never knew you had. She will design built-in units, rework closets, and select and place furniture that's aesthetically pleasing and practical. Barbara will also work with your architect, decorator, and/or contractor to make storage a priority when making renovations to your home.

Closet Design:
Barbara will make sure the design of your closets is consistent with what will be stored in them. By having you complete a detailed inventory of your clothing and possessions, she can ensure that your closets are highly functional and attractive.

One-Touch Paper Management:
Barbara will teach you how to minimize the paper that appears in your home on a daily basis. Catalogs are discarded, and magazine and newspaper subscriptions are pared down to what is read regularly. Children's school projects, receipts, insurance submissions, financial statements, and photos are all addressed so you're left with a filing system tailored to your family's needs.

Our society's expectation of 24/7 connectivity translates into massive amounts of information being transmitted digitally. Barbara works with you to organize the information you're storing on your computer and phone so that you can access what you need, when you need it, efficiently and effectively.

Time Management and Efficiency:
Once you have organized your possessions and your physical space, your own time management can be addressed. Barbara will assess how your time is spent in relationship to what you need to accomplish and give you ideas to change your behaviors. She'll give you an action plan that identifies behaviors that can be changed to optimize efficiency and eliminate non-critical behaviors.

Barbara will work with your child to develop an infrastructure for organizing class notes and homework, and then a process for maintaining order. Special emphasis is placed on where homework is done and the backpack. When appropriate, Barbara speaks with teachers and/or therapists to clarify how home organization is part of a broader plan for your child's academic success.

Apartment staging:
Whereas other apartment stagers simply put all possessions in storage, and then rent furniture and accessories, Barbara has a different approach. She works with her clients to discard unnecessary items prior to the move instead of investing in their storage and then transport to a new home. When possible, the client's existing furniture and accessories are used to stage the apartment.

Household scheduling, management, and staff training:
Even with household help, busy individuals may still feel overwhelmed. Barbara will assist you in identifying what type of household help will be most beneficial, and then she will help train your housekeeper/childcare provider to ensure a well-run household. Through more efficient scheduling and management of a household, clients often find that they need less, not more help.

Barbara is available to speak at your upcoming events, meetings, or conferences.  A wide range of topics are offered and can be customized based on your needs.  Sample topics include: Organizing Your Home Like a Pro, Organizing Your Child for Academic Success, Why Organization Leads to Business Success, Time Management Strategies, and Staying Sane in a World of 24/7 Connectivity.