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Barbara Reich of Resourceful Consultants

Professional Organizing

Live the Life You Were Meant to Lead

Eliminate Clutter

Increase Clarity

Decrease Stress

Find Fulfillment

Be Happier


Physical Spaces

 Barbara will assist
you with de-cluttering
and purging, space
planning, closet design,
kitchen organizing,
and more.


Barbara will assess how your time is spent and create an action plan that optimizes efficiency and eliminates non-critical behaviors.


Barbara will organize the data on your computer and phone so you can access what you need, when you need it, efficiently and effectively.

Speaking Engagements

Barbara is available to speak at your events, meetings, & conferences on a wide range of topics or will customize a presentation to fit your needs.


HooplaHa: Size Does Matter! How To Find More Space In A Tiny Kitchen!

JoyRide Cycling Studio’s Jared and Adam are planning a wedding and have zero time to organize their cluttered kitchen. Barbara steps in to help! Check out her latest Expert Kitchen Organizing Tips video from HooplaHa.

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Closet Organization

Elle Decor: 10 Designer Tips For Stylish Closet Organization

Barbara shares her fool proof tricks for creating your dream closet with Elle Decor. Every other part of your house is impeccably styled — why stop here? See slides 3, 4 and 6.

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Today Show: Clean or Cluttered – What It Says About You

Barbara and Psychiatrist Samantha Boardman visit the Today Show to explain that some people have clutter because they can’t make a decision, and to offer their advice for keeping things tidy.

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